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Goals For My Small Business Clients
1. Grow Your Business.
2. Maximize the Return on Your Marketing Dollars.
3. Reduce Your Workload.
If we agree to work together, we'll follow these steps...

The Wizard of Ads Client Process
1: Alignment & Uncovery (1-2 days, at your place of business. I pay my own travel costs)
2: Research & Strategy, Message Development & Media Planning (4-6 weeks of intense work for me, including follow-up discussions with you by email and phone)
3: Summary Retreat (1-2 days, to agree upon and begin implementation. Usually here in Austin, but can be there, if we meet somewhere away from your business, and you pay our travel costs. Part of this time is establishing measurable goals that we can use to gauge our success.)
4: Implementation
5: Continual Tracking
6: Annual Retreat (1-2 days after 1 year with same location considerations as Summary Retreat)

Long Term Client Fees
Upfront Uncovery Fee: $5000 - $100,000+
This fee includes any initial travel costs and makes sure you're committed to working together. It's determined by the size of your business and my assessment of your potential for growth. The bigger the business, the harder it will be to double you, then double you again and again.

Monthly Fee: from $1,000/mo to $15,000/mo+
This is a flat monthly fee for an initial period of one year. If you want to estimate what it will be for you, take 1% of your gross revenue and divide by 12. At the end of one year, we will evaluate our progress. If we decide to continue working together, that monthly fee grows (or decreases) by the percentage of the growth indicator (usually your gross sales) we've agreed upon.

Here's how to contact me.

Here's where you can read more of my story.

Here are some businesses I've worked with in a variety of industries...

Adams Fine Furniture & Cabinetry - - - hear commercials
Elizabeth Hoisington -
Far Flung Adventures -
Golden Acres Genetics, Ltd. -
Jean Backus-Carpenter - C.P.A., Carpenter & Langford -
Jewelry By Design -
Sonz Fitness - - hear commercials
Waymakers Ministries -
The Garage Door Company -

If you're still skeptical, maybe this story will answer some of those questions...

In the summer of 2007 I made friends with an English businessman while performing concerts there. He gave me his contact details and said he felt like we should keep in touch about business. So I sent him an email after becoming a Wizard of Ads partner to see if I could help him in any way. His reply seemed promising...

> "Great to hear from you. I am sure that you have a real gift in marketing given your talent in creative expression. I would be more than happy to talk."

A few days later I called, only to hear his abrupt and seemingly harsh reply that, although they needed help with marketing, my lack of experience in his industry and distance away from the UK didn't make me a likely candidate. He told me to send him my C.V. (resumé), which is code for, "Thanks for playing, chump." Some people need a slap in the head so we can be friends.

> David, (I've cleverly changed his name)

> If you're looking for the words, 'has sold wheelchair equipment to people in the UK,' you might as well stop reading now. If you want to find out how a Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering, fluency in German, unbounded writing ability and an understanding of communicating in the language of the customer lead to consulting fitness studios, Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics, Affair Recovery Centers and Adventure Tour Companies, keep going.
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